Cabinet Manufacturer Goes with Digital Cabinets

I recently posted about HP’s new scanning solution and how appropriate that Cabinet NG has announced that one of their newest customers, Benedettini Cabinetry, a $20 million national manufacturer of custom cabinetry has deployed Cabinet NG’s Shared Access Filing Environment (CNG-SAFE) document management system across its enterprise.
You can have all the best scanners in the world, but if you don’t have the software to power your document storage/filing needs what you have will be useless.
With Cabinet NG’s robust and secure document management system as the backbone for its business processes, Benedettini is now able to securely link its remote field sales staff to the documentation needed, such as drawings, at a moment’s notice.
Benedettini also uses Intuit’s QuickBooks Enterprise Edition accounting
software. Due to the successful results of CNG-SAFE Benedettini is now
planning to deploy CNG-Books, which seamlessly interfaces CNG-SAFE to
QuickBooks. Using CNG-Books Benedettini will benefit by having the most
advanced electronic document management solution that files documents and
enters transaction data into QuickBooks in a single step. Once documents are
filed, QuickBooks users are able to pull-up any transaction document
directly from within QuickBooks, a major time saving feature accounting
personnel appreciate.