Cellular Modem: The Only Solution for True Mobility

For the last several months I’ve been using a Verizon Wireless broadband card and I love it. It’s really the ONLY way to ensure you have maximum Internet access no matter where you are. Sure, WiFi hot spots are going up all over but when you are in a cab or in a 60 minute train ride…nothing beats a Wireless Broadband card.
Research firm In-stat writes – The cellular modem market has taken many years to develop, but by the end of this year it will reach a notable milestone, with annual shipments to exceed 5 million units, reports In-Stat. This market got a boost from embedded cellular modems in laptop computers, a class of modem only introduced toward the end of last year, the high-tech market research firm says. Embedded cellular modems should account for more than 10% of total modem shipments in 2006.
“With the growth of cellular modems, also comes growth in revenues from the sale of cellular modem cards, as well as growth in revenue spent on wireless data services for these modems,” says Allen Nogee, In-Stat analyst. “In-Stat estimates that revenues from the sale of cellular modem cards and embedded cellular modems in laptops will reach approximately $1 billion in 2008.”
Recent research by In-Stat found the following:
– The cellular modem market will grow more than 500% over the next 5 years.
– For the first time, in 2006, the number of cellular modems sold in Europe exceeds the number sold in North America.
– In 2005, Asia’s share of the cellular modem market almost doubled over the previous year.