Choosing the Right Domain Name

In “10 Web Site Musts” one of the points I make is the VITAL importance of web site domain names. Maybe the name of your law firm is – Donald, Rifken, Hakim & Partners and this is the name you have gone with since World War I. However, online – you really don’t want the web address to be – it’s too long and too confusing.
Imagine you get on Oprah and have to say that name? Or can you imagine the web address scrolling in the bottom of a CNN screen as you are being interviewed about something?
Instead make sure you have a domain name that’s EASY to type, easy to remember and just easy overall.
There’s some great tips at SEOmoz blog which gives the following list:
Describe Your Content
Keep it Short
Static is the Way & the Light
Descriptives are Better than Numbers
Keywords Never Hurt
Subdomains Aren’t the Answer
Fewer Folders
Hyphens Separate Best
Stick with Conventions
Don’t be Case Sensitive
Don’t Append Extraneous Data
I’d encourage you to read the full here.