“Citizen Journalism” and Your Business

Getting the ear of a reporter in the NY Times is good. Getting an article about your business in the Wall Street Journal or the business section of your local paper is also good. Getting on TV – what about CNBC – is also very nice. However, many small businesses can’t take the time or have the resources (PR firm) to get on these “major” media vehicles. One thing you can do is get in touch with bloggers who cover your industry.
There’s many people who have their own, “non-major media” web sites and write about things they love and have expertise in. You can more easily contact these bloggers directly. Before contacting them, read their blog and get a sense for what they are writing about.
Find bloggers on Bloglines.com or find and check them out on Technorati and see how popular they are. Make sure they are a “professional” blog and not just some idiot talking about his cat, porn, gambling and stealing game codes.
If after a few months you are able to get talked about in blogs you’ll find traffic to your web site going up and just maybe those reporters you’ve been trying to reach in “major media” will start emailing or calling you.
When the blogger links to your site, it goes without saying that your web site should be something to look at. Make it not only a direct sales tool but a resource to encourage repeat visitors.
USA writes a nice story about the world of amateur journalists and writes Amateur journalists are here to stay, and they contribute tremendously to the journalism profession. But if they hope to be taken seriously ¬? beyond a handful of press passes or a few well-publicized scoops ¬? they need to take that next step beyond a nice toolbox. They need to learn the best ways to use it.