Collaboration from EMC Insignia’s eRoom

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your business fails, is not efficient, wastes time and money is to NOT collaborate with your team. If your business is going to successfully compete against other businesses and grow you must ensure that you have strong communication and collaboration features built into the fabric of your business. While I’ve written often about hosted applications, it’s quite refreshing to look at a computer server based tool from EMC Insignia – EMC eRoom.

Hosted vendors tout how easy it is to set up their applications, and it is. But I also found that setting up EMC’s eRoom on a server is a relatively easy process. Once setup on a web server, any user, with the right access rights, can access your EMC eRoom space.
You can create your own collaborative environment or use one of the templates provided for you. I chose “Product Concept & Design” as one of the templates and then was prompted to choose which individual members or groups I wanted to be a member of my newly created eRoom.
This template had various pre-defined roles such as coordinator, research team and etc for this particular template.
After a few more clicks the eRoom was created and icons for calendar, project status, concept design and other sections were displayed.
Imagine EMC’s Insignia eRoom as a central location for your team to coordinate and manage projects. You can make your own eRoom from scratch or use one of the given templates which can help you have a room with the right functionality.
If you are looking for a powerful collaboration suite, EMC’s eRoom, is $1,000 for 10 users. You’ll not have to pay any monthly fees.