Computer Crashed? How NOT to Panic.

I’m doing quite well with my new Lenovo the “only” problem is that my dial-up connections are not working right due to some quirk. One feature I like is the built in data protection and recovery system that backs up my hard disk and lets me restore it in case of a problem. Even if Windows won’t boot up, I can still resurrect my system. What if you don’t have a Lenovo/Thinkpad product?
RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 Disaster Recovery Software is a solution.
Horizon DataSys Corporation’s press release reads – the release of RollBack Rx Pro 7.2, allows users to recover their system files, program files, digital pictures, mp3 files and other data up-to-the-minute of a system crash. RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 allows computer users, regardless of their skill level, to easily and quickly repair their computer problems in seconds. Empowering both users and enterprise IT support personnel with a cost and time saving tool to maintain their computers.
One of the worst things a computer user can experience is knowing their computer crashed, they can’t reboot and have no back up to their data and applications. Getting the data you created is most important but it’s a pain to have to install CD after CD and download after download to hopefully get back your programs.
RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 works by taking snapshots of the hard drive and storing them as recoverable system configurations. Then, when the user¬?s system crashes, they have the opportunity to go back to any of the system snapshots and restore their PC back to its previous state. The snapshots are taken seamlessly and automatically with no system restart at any predetermined time ¬?every minute, every day or even every second.
For more information and to purchase RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 (MSRP, $59.95), visit
RollBack is not the only solution, there are MANY. For example, Asigra nnounced an enhancement to its Televaulting software with the addition of agentless Continuous Data Protection (CDP) functionality, providing event-based real-time backup of changed data to virtually eliminate data loss for Windows, Linux, and Microsoft Exchange environments. Get more information here.