Constant Contact’s Email Marketing Community: Learn from Others.

Constant Contact, based only on my observations, is one of the biggest email marketing service companies for small businesses. It’s 65,000 customers use Constant Contact to not only send email messages – that’s just the beginning, but also to TRACK email campaigns. The information you’ll gain from this information will help you know what information is of importance to your customers.

If you’ve sent out 6 newsletters and you see that 80% of the customers are clicking on your link to customer stories you’d probably be wise to assume that this category is of interest to your customers. Clearly they like reading about what others have done.
Recently Constant Contact went beyond a newsletter management tool and launched a community, ConnectUP to enable its customers to help each other solve real business problems, share and gain insights on email marketing and other topics of interest. To date, more than 2,500 Constant Contact customers have joined ConnectUp.
Why is this important?
Sending an email newsletter is VERY easy, but the challenge for busy small businesses is HOW to most effectively go about growing the email newsletter list, making it better and getting help with what content to have.
There’s several discussion boards on ConnectUp, one of the more popular ones is how do I? For example, Dave Bower, of River Oak Church in Virginia asked a question about how to put his email newsletter online. Guess what? Other users had the same question.
Constant Contact’s discussion board is a powerful tool as the community of email newsletter makers can get help from one another, see the best practices that others have done and learn.
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