Credit Learning Center: Be Informed

Although I’m more from the “Dave Ramsey School of No Debt” I thought a new site, the Credit Learning Center would be useful for you. There’s so much information on credit (good and bad info) on the Internet that you might have all the information you need.
But what caught my eye about this site was their section on identify theft. The FTC, FBI, your credit card company and others have information on identify theft as well.
“ helps consumers take control of their personal credit – as understanding credit and using it wisely is vital to a strong financial future,” stated Walter Burch, Editor-in-Chief of “Today, credit reports and credit scores play a major role in the financial well-being of virtually every consumer. At stake are tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars for millions of consumers whose home loan and other financing terms are largely determined by their three-digit credit score. It’s really a case of be credit-smart, or be credit-captive,” added Burch.
Their press release continues – While promoting the wise use of credit is a central focus of, the site also promotes identity theft awareness. “While nearly 10 million people are identity theft victims each year, consumers should be aware that more than 91 million personal data records of U.S. residents have been compromised due to security breaches since February 2005,” said Burch, referring to a data breach report from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. provides detailed information on how consumers can help to prevent identity theft, and provides the steps to take should it occur. Among the site’s identity theft resources for consumers are:
* The 9 Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft
* The Common Warning Signs of Identity Theft
* The Four Steps to Take If You Should Become a Victim
* The Latest Data Breach Security Alerts