Dell’s FREE Recycling Program. Don’t Throw Computers in the Garbage

Maybe you bought 12 computers 6 years ago and recently bought 8 more to replace some of them. This means you have at least 8 computers (if not monitors as well) sitting somewhere and you’re thinking of how to get rid of them.

Sure you could just throw them in a dumpster late one night but computers are made up of many parts that need to be properly recycled. Just throwing computers away, creates an environmental hazard and is really bad for the environment.
The challenge has been properly disposing of computers. But now Dell has a FREE solution.
If you have a Dell computer, logon to Dell’s web site, input your computer’s ID number, print a pre-paid shipping label and then schedule home (I’m guessing this would apply to smaller businesses as well) pick-up for shipping the used computer.
Dell has offered a no-charge recycling program for Dell-branded products in Europe since November 2003 and currently offers no-charge consumer recycling in Canada. The company announced a global recycling commitment in June that is expected to be implemented by November.