Going Online Finally? Take it a step at a time. There’s plenty of help.

For those of you, like me, who don’t swim a lot, first getting into a pool – even on a hot day can be a minor challenge. You just hate for the “cold” water to touch your warm body. But after you jump (or slide) in – things are fine and you get used to the temperature of the water. Going online is a bit like this.
You first build a web site (there are MANY web hosts and services that can help you – Yahoo, GoDaddy, Hypermart (my web host), Homestead and others). Then you might want to sell online (these same services can help you in addition to PayPal and others). Of course you must ALWAYS market and get customer to your site and to BUY.
Business Week has a real nice overview of a selection of services and writes Jeannine Ranni upgraded to Netfirms’ CommercePro after paying a Web designer to host and run her site, embellishedbean.com, which sells gourmet coffee beans. The stay-at-home mom says the site, which was designed using Netfirms’ templates, makes it easy for her to fill daily orders. “I have a control panel that I log onto daily that gives me all my Web stats, my visitors, and any orders. And once I click on the pending orders, it gives me an option to make labels and invoices,” she says. “It links with the postal service, or whoever you want, to ship, and then it notifies the customer that the order has been shipped.”