GoToWebinar – Unlimited, On Demand Webinars (Updated)

Updated: Citrix has officially launched GoToWebinar this week and the cost is $99/month. This flat-fee pricing allows an organizer to invite up to 1,000 attendees at once. There is no extra cost by inviting 50 versus 500 attendees.
Many of us do online meetings and sometimes its costly, sometimes its not easy to do and sometimes – well – sometimes you just think it’s too complicated to set up.
Citrix, makers of and other tools has recently introduced GoToWebinar which lets you present up to 1,000 people at one time.
While Citrix’s GoToMeeting is ideal for presenting up to a handful of people, GoToWebinar is the solution for large numbers of people. Like Citrix’s other tools, GoToMeeting lets you have an unlimited number of Webinars for ONE monthly price.
Although nothing is better than face to face communications, imagine being able to extend your brand and reach more customers via online meetings – saving you a lot in travel costs and time.
Features include:
Full-service registration with real-time reports
Customized branding of Webinar materials and automated e-mail templates
Free integrated voice conferencing or toll-free service
Attendee polling and survey capability
Webinar dashboard to monitor audiences
Easy controls for quickly changing presenters