HP, $ and Small Businesses

Yesterday, HP announced an array of new financing options to help small businesses purchase the technology they need, while still managing their cash flow, being able to pay payroll and overall help their money do more.
Businesses who are not using technology are NOT going to be able to compete against those companies that are.
The LACK of technology use in a small businesses is many times because the small business owner does not know what or how to buy technology, but it’s also a matter of financial choice and priority. Do I pay for the rent or buy a new server?
The choice might not be that extreme but you get my point.
In this repsect HPs new financing options which a small business person can also use to purchase HP gear from their local technolgoy consultant include:
With only a $350 minimum transaction size, HP Financial Services’ latest offers are available to even the smallest of customers. Plus, under the new credit line capabilities, customers are automatically pre-approved for the maximum amount for which they are eligible, which in turn provides credit availability for future technology purchases. In addition, a new loan product gives SMBs another financing option that will let them maintain equipment ownership from day one at very competitive rates.
“Each customer has a unique technology need with unique circumstances,” said Eileen O’Brien, vice president, Worldwide Small and Medium Business, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Today, we are responding with a variety of affordable financing options that help customers secure the technology they need now with the time they need to pay for it.”
I spoke with Eileen about this and will have more from her (also audio) later on.
About this money issue, there are many choices you have to finance a technology purchase – your credit card, bank loan (other loan), financing from a retailer (if you buy through a retailer like CDW or Staples) or in this case financing from the technology vendor.
Being aggressive (similar to car companies) HP is also offering a 0 percent lease rate and 24-, 36-, 48- or (new) 60-month terms on all HP LaserJet, multifunction and large-format printers and HP All-in-One devices. All other products, including business PCs, offer a 0 percent lease rate with a 27-month term.
Additionally, HP has created a new Rapid Response Center which triples the number of resources dedicated to SMBs and HP channel partners in order to further expedite the approval process.
All products are available directly through HP or its PartnerOne business partners.
More information on HP Financial Services for businesses of all sizes is available at www.hp.com/hpfinancialservices.