HP: New Computers, Suite of Products, Management Platform for small businesses

Similar to car manufacturers, PC vendors refresh their product lines on a regular basis. These refreshments should NOT be ignored. This does not mean you have to buy a new computer each year, but it is VERY important to know what PC vendors are releasing so you can know a) should you invest for the long term with a particular vendor b) should you switch to another vendor c) what new technologies are in the new PCs that can make your business run better.
HP, for example, announced earlier this month an array of new PC products. You can explore things for yourself on HP’s web site and you can read about Dell’s announcement here.
Dell continues to focus on price for those price sensitive small businesses, while HP is competitively priced but their focus is on more of an overall total cost of ownership of the PC and the important features that make sure your computers are tools for your business and not inhibitors of business success.
Hear from Eileen O’Brien, HP Vice President Small & Medium Business
HP solutions for small businesses includes notebooks, desktops, printers (nothing new announced at this time) and monitors. It also is offering financing to help you get the computers you need.
Getting a computer is only one part of the computer experience the other part is MANAGING not just one computer but maybe 6 or 50 computers.
Altiris works closely with HP to provide a range of management solutions to make it as easy as possible to remotely or onsite maintain all aspects of your technology.
Software is important, but the other part of the management and security suite is Intel’s new vPro technology.
If you are a small business owner reading this DO NOT let your eyes glaze over. – Keep reading.
You must understand that having computers in your office is easy. The hard part and most important part is managing them. If your IT person (consultant or in-house) must physically go to each computer and do maintenance or tech support it takes time and more of YOUR money to do this. There are many remote solutions right now, but but with the evolution of support technology from Altiris, Intel, HP and other PC vendors – maintaining the PC gets easier and cheaper. Beyond managing your computers it’s also about security, avoiding data loss, updating software remotely, and so much more. This is NOT technology that I would expect you to deal with on your own but you MUST talk to your IT person or local solution provider about it.
The HP Compaq dc7700, dc5700 and dc5750 Desktop PCs have been bolstered with features such as the soon-to-be available Intel vPro technology to help drive down lifecycle costs with premium manageability, security and data protection capabilities, standard Trusted Platform Module 1.2 embedded security chips for enhanced protection for physical assets and data, and AMD64 desktop processors with Cool’n’Quiet technology for improved power efficiency.
HP also has expanded its free HP Client Manager centralized hardware management solution to identify and initialize PCs on corporate networks that feature embedded Trusted Platform Module security for quick and easy deployment of increased data protection across enterprises.
Select models of the HP Compaq dc7700, dc5700 and dc5750 business desktops will include a no obligation, 60-day free trial of the HP Smart Desktop Management Service, a PC security solution with a wide range of data protection, patch management, automatic remote backup and disaster-recovery capabilities via secure offsite storage, as well as personalized online help by an HP support expert should a customer experience a security or data loss incident.