Innovation In Queens (NYC) with Donald Trump’s apprentice

(Randal Pinkett)
Yesterday I moderated the “Innovation in Queens” forum, hosted by Ian Jackson of Inspired Professionals. The event had powerful speakers and was full of information. The Queens Economic Development Corporation was there to talk about “free” money and free programs available to small businesses.
Citibank was there to talk about how small businesses can get the capital they need to grow. A loan officer was there to put a HUMAN face on Citibank’s “big business” image. He explained that in Queens, small businesses accounted for 60% (he might have said 80%) of Citibank’s business – giving his cell number and email address.
Ian Jackson, gave a presentation about how various technology can help small businesses.

Randal Pinkett
, a 5 academic degree scholar, serial Entrepreneur and a winner of Donald Trump’s apprentice gave the keynote. Basically a “pep talk for small businesses” and encouragement and tips to go on.