Looking for a Better Online Database? Check out Caspio

Online database company Caspio has been around since 2000, so compared to many online companies it’s a mature company. What’s exciting is that it continues to make products that help non-programmers create powerful database solutions.
Using Microsoft Access, for example, if you want to do something fancy or feature rich you really need a programmer to write some scripts and do some coding for you and placing your database online is not easy for the non-technical.
With Caspio you get feature rich web based databases with less expertise needed.
Caspio recently announced a new version of its flagship software and new features include:
* One-click web application localization to any language. Several language packages are included in every account and users can add their own language with ease.
* New cutting-edge wizard for quickly creating sophisticated styles to control the look and feel of web applications. Several professionally-designed CSS-compliant styles are included in every account.
* Ability to create forms for mobile devices without programming.
* Web Services are now available in all Standard Caspio Bridge accounts for advanced integration and extensibility.
* Caspio Bridge Plug-in for Microsoft Office brings online data securely to a user’s desktop and keeps it refreshed automatically.
Caspio Bridge 4.0 is available now and all existing Caspio Bridge Online customers are automatically upgraded to the new version.
Caspio is not the only solution, but Intuit’s Quickbaseand eUnifydb.net are quite feature rich as well.