Meeting Online? Go Beyond the Meeting – Manage, Distribute the Content

Having an online meeting is good – often times necessary. You need to communicate with people who you might not have the time or budget to meet with in person. So an online meeting is a pretty good option.
However, the struggle often happens when you want to effectively and automatically capture, distribute, archive, and manage the information exchanged during meetings, to help ensure clear communication of decisions, reduce wasted time spent on meeting set-up and follow-up, and eliminate poorly executed meetings as announced by Yon Software.
Yon Software’s press release reads – MeetingSense integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook to support and enhance current meeting scheduling and preparation habits. During a meeting, MeetingSense¬¨? allows users to capture all of the essential information that is exchanged, including participants, the agenda, meeting minutes, key decisions, meeting audio, action items, files and documents that are discussed or revised, and more.
Following a meeting, MeetingSense allows users to immediately email a comprehensive meeting summary to all attendees, as well as individual action item emails to action item owners. All of the captured information is also saved into a complete, contextually linked meeting record thatthatt can then be reviewed, edited, and managed from an intuitive, centralized dashboard.

There is a lot of services which help you conduct online meetings – Citrix’s Gotomeeting, Webex and others. See Yahoo’s list

I went through Yon Software’s demo about MeetingSense and it appears that it’s a powerful tool to help a meeting manager, assistant or end users capture, share and manage information. There’s two parts toMeetingg Sense – helping ensure you have meeting “best practices” before and during the meeting and managing the stream of information (meeting participants, agenda, audio, etc) after the meeting.
If you are involved in or organize a LOT of meetings, you might have your own system of folders and things to store information. But you might want to see if MeetingSense helps you manage your meeting information event better.