Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 and eBay

I know that eBay is popular but sometimes it’s hard to know how popular something is. Just yesterday evening at our “labor day” barbecue I and my guests were talking about the over saturation of eBay and mySpace. In any case, eBay continues to attract buyers, sellers and…..Microsoft to its global marketplace.
Now users of Microsoft Office Account 2007 can post and track their eBay sales via their accounting software. If eBay is NOT your thing this added feature won’t help much. But if eBay sales are an important part of your business it should be.
Another point, those eBay users who are NOT using accounting programs now have another reason to use another Microsoft product (in addition to Word and etc) in their businesses.
Cnet writes If eBay is the bread and butter of your home-based business, no other accounting software will enable you to track eBay auctions in real time while making and receiving payments through PayPal. In our early look at the beta edition of Microsoft Office Accounting 2007, we found the eBay integration convenient.
Also note, Microsoft’s accounting program used to be call “Small Business Accounting” in 2006.