Microsoft’s Mouse – 4 in One

If you do a lot of presentations you might find yourself using a mouse, digital slide “clicker” and digital “laser” pointer. For those of you using your notebook as a multi-media machine you might also be brining a remote control with you. Microsoft has come out with a new mouse (yes – hardware) the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 to consolidate these multiple devices into one.
Microsoft’s press release reads With the versatile Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000, users can forget about time wasted fumbling between devices; it takes them right from content creation to presentation. With one click of the mode-switching button and a turn of the wrist, users can move from mousing to running meetings and high-stakes presentations with confidence.
I’ve been using Logitech’s trackball mouse (with the little marble you move with your thumb) for years, but for my notebook, I might be useful to have a wireless mouse for better mobility. I think, Microsoft’s all in one mouse is a bit too much for me, however. Also, I prefer the flexibility of multiple devices so I probably wouldn’t want “all my eggs in one basket”.
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