‘Net Phone Service from Covad

The AP writes that’s today Covad is announcing a new Internet based phone service. There’s many choices you have when it comes to phone service via the Internet, Covad’s offering is not unique, but worth mentioning because it is from Covad – a major ISP.
The AP writes ClearEdge Office, to be announced Wednesday, is designed for operations with up to 20 employees. The price is $40 per month per user for unlimited U.S. calling, or $10 less than Covad’s higher-end business service, plus a one-time fee of $250 for onsite installation, a router, an analog phone adapter and any new wiring that might be required, though in most cases existing cables would be used.
There’s two reasons for using VOIP – saving money on phone calls and the features such as a “telephone number” that can ring anywhere due to it’s being tied to an IP address.
To get the best rates for these services, you often have to take advantage of a bundle of services. For example, with Covad’s offering you have to have Covad provide your broadband.
Also keep in mind that services from Avaya, BizFon, TalkSwitch and others provide telephone systems that you can use with an analog phone system or in conjunction with a VOIP telephone system.
M5 Networks is an ideal solution for those looking to replace their phone systems.