Photo Editing with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

When Corel announces something, I think of two things: Low Price and Feature Rich.
Wtih the the launch of the Paint Shop Pro Photo XI Corel offers a lot of image editing features (I mean a lot) for a low price.
Your graphic designer is VERY important for professionally designed graphics and things but if you (or you staff) take the time to do some editing yourself you can save money, have a new skill and assist in the image editing process.
Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is a complete digital photography toolkit that allows users to edit, manage and share their photos as well as create stunning photo projects. This release offers a range of versatile new features and enhancements that meet the needs of novices, photo hobbyists and professional photographers alike. In addition, business users will also find Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI an ideal solution for editing and enhancing photos used in a variety of corporate communications materials such as presentations, technical documentation, marketing collateral and emails.
The new Color Changer allows users to change the color of an object or an area in a photo – such as clothing, painted objects or carpets – with just a few easy clicks. The resulting color change is incredibly realistic and natural because the Color Changer tool detects and analyzes variations in brightness caused by real-world illumination and then reapplies the illumination to the new color to produce a highly realistic effect. The Time Machine lets users see what their photos would look like if they were taken in another era – such as the Roaring 1920s or the Swinging 1960s, among others. It replicates the process by which photos were developed in various ages of photography to recreate a highly realistic look. In addition, the built-in Photo Organizer is a unique, customizable one-stop photo management center that locates photos within seconds. The Photo Organizer is built right into Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI which ensures a complete, seamless workflow experience while eliminating the need to switch between different applications for editing and organizing.
Priced at $99.99 (US and Canada), Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is available immediately through and in the coming weeks through Corel’s global channel partners. To learn more about Corel’s digital imaging portfolio or to download a free, fully functional trial version of Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, visit