PodCast: What You are Missing Out On: FEEDING your (and your customer’s) brains!

Until last week, I had always though that a podcast was synonymous with an Ipod or some other portable MP3 player. However, I’ve subscribed to so many podcasts that I can’t fit them all on my Ipod and frankly am frustrated in how I can manage the podcasts on my Ipod (Nano) I’ve listened to, old ones, new ones, need to download and etc.
What I’ve realized is that I can use iTunes software (which came with my Ipod) to listen to the podcasts on my computer (like I’m doing now on the train)!
Maybe this sounds rudimentary but it was new for me and I’m much more productive in my podcast listening. This brings me to my second point.
Podcasts are great as you can learn/listen to information that you might not normally hear about in traditional media such as radio or TV. I’ve subscribed to technology feeds from NPR, PodCast.net, Ducttapemarketing, and other feeds. There is so much content that is available to me now, to listen to at my convenience on demand.
I’m now listening to a podcast about how a PR executive is using Wikis. Sure, I know about Wikis, but the technology is still relatively new for many users. So the more I hear about how others are using Wikis the more I can get ideas in how it can be used for small businesses!
What does this mean to you?
You can subscribe to podcasts to expand your knowledge about the things that are important to you professionally or personally.
You can also start to create your own podcasts for customers or employees (start small first) and see how useful it is. Godaddy.com, Yahoo and so many others (just Google on create a podcast) can help you create and publish your own podcast.