Quickbooks 2007: It’s all about better ease of use and extended features

Today Intuit launches the latest version of its popular small business financial and business management product, QuickBooks 2007. Sometimes I wonder how such a mature product can get better – but it can and does.
If you’ve been reading this space, you already know that Google and Intuit have entered into a relationship. Read more about it here. The new features between Google and Intuit can only be found in Quickbooks 2007. There’s much more to Quickbooks 2007 than Google though.
Overall Intuit has focused on making Quickbooks MUCH easier in several areas.
Check out Quickbooks.com for all the details. But to save you some time I’ve posted some information on the announcement below as well:
To help new users set up their income and expense accounts more accurately, QuickBooks 2007 features a simplified recommended Chart of Accounts. The new version offers users the 30 most commonly-used accounts for their business type ¬? reducing the likelihood of incorrectly categorizing expenses down the road.
Payroll functionality has also beengreatlyy improved.
Easy Data Sharing with Accountants: It is now easier than ever for accountants to make changes to their clients? company files, while the business owner continues to work on their day-to-day business transactions without interruption. With the new Dividing Date functionality, QuickBooks allows accountants to edit and review all information before a specified date, while giving the company the freedom to continue business as usual. When the accountant is done with the adjustment, the business owner can quickly review and import those changes directly into QuickBooks.
Easier Customization: Small businesses rely on forms to communicate with customers, suppliers and partners. On average, a small business uses 168 forms per month, including invoices, letters and purchase orders. With QuickBooks 2007 small businesses no longer have to print their customized document, walk to the printer and look at the hard copy to see if the form meets their needs. New for this year, QuickBooks includes an auto-preview feature that makes it easy to customize forms with color schemes, logos and more, while showing users their changes as they are made. The software also consolidates the most commonly-used customization options all on one screen.
Online Time Tracking for Professional Services Firms: Businesses can now collect and manage employee and contractor timesheets on the Web with the new QuickBooks Time Tracker service, available by subscription. Freeing managers and employees from manually entering data into QuickBooks from hand-written timesheets, Time Tracker easily downloads data into QuickBooks saving hours of tedious work and reducing errors that can cause incorrect billing.
Enhanced Features for Product-based Businesses: Inventory management is critical to the success of product-based businesses, but in order to keep accurate record of total inventory, they must often convert products from one unit of measure to another. For example, a company that purchases a product by the case from a supplier may sell the same product by the individual bottle to its customers. Available in select QuickBooks 2007 offerings, the new Unit of Measure feature removes the hassle of manual conversion, and the risk of costly errors, by automatically calculating the conversion from one unit to another in the appropriate forms including invoices, purchase orders and inventory reports.