Sent an Email In Error: Don’t Ignore It

We’ve all sent email that we didn’t mean to send or regret sending. That email yelling at a colleague when you realized that you really should have not sent it to them.
One thing I’ve learned and am still learning, BEFORE sending email – re-read it carefully and think. If it’s an email you are sending about a sensitive issue, BEFORE you send the email think about it first. Take half a day to contemplate on what you are sending.
And remember, EVERY email you send has the potential to be made public.
Before you do something like this read what the NY Times’ says about it.
The NY Times writesAcknowledge your error immediately. Elizabeth Freedman, a management consultant in Natick, Mass., said the worst thing to do after committing an e-mail gaffe is to pretend you didn’t do it.
“Don’t sit around and hope and pray that your e-mail didn’t get read or was somehow lost in cyberspace,” she said. “Hit the ground running and take action to repair the damage.”

There’s a lot more to this article and you’d be wise to check it out.