SingleFin – More Hosted Apps for Smaller Businesses

I wrote about Singlefine’s email hosting here and also posted an interview with their CEO here.
Today I’m letting you know that Singlefin is launching a suite of hosted applications as well – kind of like a complete outsourced IT department. Google’s apps for domains, Microsoft’s Office Live, WebEx One and BlueTie are some offerings that come to mind.

The free service provides enterprise-class email hosting with built-in antivirus and security as well as online access to calendars, and contacts. Through Hosted Office, Singlefin provides a one-stop destination that SMBs can utilize for all of their IT security and office communications needs.
For customers willing to invest a small monthly fee ($9.95 per user per month), Singlefin’s Hosted Office become even more robust. For paid customers Singlefin adds 24×7 technical support via phone, secure online file storage and disaster recovery archives, website hosting and mobile synch for accessing email, contacts and calendar from smartphones or Blackberry devices.
The Singlefin press release continues – A typical SMB Exchange Server infrastructure installation – along with the license fees, configuration costs, and antivirus/security software – costs between $7,500-$12,500. Add on to that an outsourced IT person to manage the entire process at $300-400 per month. Comparatively, Singlefin offers email , contacts and calendar for free. If customers lose a laptop to theft or a PC to security damage, all they have to plug in a new machine, connect to Singlefin again and all email , calendar items and contacts are synchronized immediately and restored.