Starving for more data storage? Starve No More with HP’s All-in-One Storage System

You have probably heard a lot about backup and storage – many times in one breath. However, these issues, although related are separate. Backup is the distinct process or system of ensuring that in a disaster you can recover your data. Of course, backup needs storage, but what about data storage for your real time operations?
What reliable storage system do you have in place for your email, databases, image library, audio files and other data that your growing business might have an increasing demand for?
As more and more of your employees go mobile, it is even more important that the data they need is not locked on individual computers but on a central server that anyone with the proper authorization can access.
Earlier this week, HP released a storage solution priced right and featured right for smaller businesses.
According to HP’s web site, the HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage Systems deliver simplicity and affordability for businesses to grow, manage and protect their data without having to understand storage technology. The seamless blending of file serving, shared storage array, and data protection functions under a simple management umbrella delivers value and utility without the cost or complexity of traditional options.
I’d highly suggest you see HP’s video about storage to educate yourself about storage system solutions and problems.
If you (or your IT person) think you can just add storage device, after storage device to your servers for file and application sharing you’ll often end up with silos of information that are not integrated. There are many products on the market for your storage needs but what HP is introducing is a SIMPLE and LOW COST way to do this – perfect for smaller businesses.
The intuitive All-in-One Storage Manager hides complexity and is designed to make IT generalists look like storage experts. Quickly and easily setup network storage, migrate data from capacity constrained servers, implement disk and tape backup policies, setup end-user file shares, and more.
The systems are specifically designed for managing storage in Microsoft environments, including point-and-click tools for working with Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. In fewer than 10 clicks, for example, customers can fully set up shared storage for an Exchange mailstore.
A full version of HP StorageWorks Data Protector Express Software is integrated into HP All-in-One Storage Systems to enable data back up and recovery from tape, virtual tape, optical or external disk on the network. The HP AiO Storage Systems also run Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, which enables replication from one system to another and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.
If your Exchange server storage is full, HP’s AiO is an ideal solution as it helps you easily migrate the data to HP’s storage system. If you have other needs, HP’s solution is equally easier to use and manage.
HP StorageWorks AiO400 with four drive bays terabyte (TB) is available for $5,000
HP StorageWorks AiO600 with a rack or tower, raw capacity of 1.5 TB (SATA), 3 TB (SATA), $6,700, $9,000 and $9,250, respectively.