Technical Support Round Up

Beyond your local, independent computer consultant there are MANY companies providing a wide range of support services for smaller businesses. CompUSA, Best Buy, Plumchoice and others.
Some of the providers have on-site service and some are only over the phone. Some have technicians that are all certified in some way, others don’t require certification.

Small Biz Resources has put together
a comprehensive list of solutions which includes:
* CompUSA
Phone: 1-800-CompUSA (1-800-266-7872)
* Data Doctors
Phone: Contact local store
* Geek Squad (a unit of Best Buy)
Phone: 1-800-GEEKSQUAD (1-800-433-5766)
* Geeks on Call
Phone: 1-800-905-GEEK (1-800-905-4335)
* 1-800-GeeksOnTime
Phone: 1-800-GeeksOnTime
* PC Pinpoint
Phone: 720-890-7887
* Firedog (a unit of Circuit City) was too new to be included in this survey.
Phone: 1-800-FIREDOG (1-800-347-3364)
Companies in this report offering remote-access tech support, not on-site tech support:
* Live Repair /Ask Dr. Tech (LiveRepair has acquired Ask Dr. Tech)
Phone: Live Repair: 914-747-4144, Ask Dr. Tech: 914-729-6620
* PC Pitstop
Phone: Not Available
* PlumChoice
Phone: 1-888-758-6435
An alternative way of getting help is to use an online marketplace, In this eBay-like arrangement, you can post a problem and an upward limit on the fee you’re willing to pay, and wait for technicians to bid on your business. (See The OnForce Alternative.)

Of course having a dedicated solution provider you can count on for tech support and for overall strategic technology advice is best.
The companies listed above, however, are great for those times when a) the rate of your solution provider is higher than you want to pay b) your solution provider can’t come right away c) you are transitioning from your current solution provider to someone else for whatever reason (often if you don’t like their service).