Track Your Vehicle(s) and Get Satellite Photos

If you are in the business of transportation or in any other business where its important that you know the location of your vehicles or other moving objects you might have thought a GPS tracking system was out of your reach. My GPS Protection, based in New Jersey has a low cost solution.

Install My GPS Protection’s tracking device in a car (or fleet of cars) and from their web site you can not only track the car but see a satellite photo of it as well.
Available for businesses and consumers at, the Millennium Plus system combines cellular mobile phone technology with GPS to track and pinpoint the location of vehicles. The marriage of the GPS and patented microburst technology enables Millennium Plus customers to track and contact vehicles any time via the Internet using any Internet-capable computer or cell phone. For example, in the event a vehicle is stolen, the customer can immediately issue an email or make a mobile phone call to disable the car¬?s starter and lock the doors.
The Millennium Plus system consists of a PDA-sized Mobile Location Unit (MLU) that is installed beneath the dashboard of a vehicle. The MLU transmits the location and performance data over a wireless network to a Web-based application that analyzes the data and posts the results on a secure website. Owners track and obtain information about their vehicles by logging into the website. The system also sends owners direct e-mails when it detects excessive speed or when vehicles travel outside of predetermined areas.
The Millennium Plus Mobile Location Unit installs on all vehicle types, integrates with existing alarm systems and, because it relies on the worldwide constellation of satellites, is available throughout the US and around the globe. It’s priced at $599 with a monthly service fee of $19.95 for a basic unit.