Trend Micro Internet Security Suite – Packed Full of Features

When you are looking for a software product to secure your computer from viruses and other malicious human and digital garbage – you don’t lack in choices.
There’s security products dripping from the shelves of your local office supply store and just screaming to be clicked on from online merchants.
I’ve found that Trend Micro’s Internet security suite is simple to use but very feature rich and flexible – just perfect for me.
Trend Micro recently announced the 2007 version of its Internet security suite. The 2007 Internet Security release will incorporate Trend Micro’s PC-cillin engine and anti- malware protection along with a host of new features addressing rootkits, spyware, phishing, spam, hackers, viruses, WiFi attacks, smartphone threats and the growing number of identity-theft threats. In addition, the Trend Micro Internet Security subscription will include TrendSecure, Trend Micro’s new online security services. TrendSecure will bring added security for consumers that not only connect while at home, but often connect while they are on the go.
What excites me about this offering is that Trend Micro is not skimping down on its solution but is offering a VERY robust solution, which small businesses need.
At $49 for up to three licenses you won’t go broke protecting your computers.