Using AOL’s free 5GB of Storage for your Small Business

eWeek reports that AOL is going to offer 5GB of free storage via its Xdrive service. Although this service is targeted at consumers the eWeek prompted article prompted me to think, hmmm, can this be used for businesses. Sure it can.
Storage on your local computer is nice, however, if you have photographs, music or just simple data files that you want to backup or otherwise backup, 5GB of storage could be just enough for you.
In writing to solution providers, but the advice is important for you, eWeek writes First, ask how many data centers the vendor has and if your customer data will live in multiple places. won’t tell you, but it has at least two. Iron Mountain has two data centers in North America and is adding more overseas, and EVault has seven. Next, ask if the vendor makes its programming interfaces available so you can incorporate them into your own service offerings. is the best in this area, providing plenty of documentation, tips and online resources, as you would expect. To get EVault’s APIs, you’ll need to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
Finally, ask how many partners the vendor has and if it makes efforts to maintain territories or vertical separation. has thousands of partners already signed up¬?and wants more. EVault and Iron Mountain have 80 and 200 VAR partners, respectively, and are choosier. “We look for partners that are in places that we aren’t and have good proximity to end-user real estate to help bring us to these markets,” said Dave Kubick, channel program manager at Iron Mountain, in Framingham, Mass. “We don’t saturate the market with VARs.

For many of you, I’m sure that 5GB is not nearly enough, however as your business grow MANAGING your storage needs is VERY important. I wrote earlier about HP’s new storage tool. There’s many solutions but it’s so important to ensure you picktheh right solution for you.