What If You Paid for IT Like Electricity or Water?

Paying for some parts of your technology service like a utility is not new. There are many companies that provide outsourced email, web hosting, data protection, support and other technolgoy services and you pay a per user fee for it.
The problem is that many of these services do not offer an entire solution. You get email from one vendor and technology support from yet another vendor.
Your local technology consultant can supply some of these services as well, but they often don’t supply everything.
The Utility Company, which exhibited at SMBNation has a solution.

They provide a wide range of services including network operations, desktop/laptop services, email/intranet, hardware (printers, computers, Microsoft Office), and onsite and remote support.
These various levels of service range from $25 – $150 per user.
If you are a technology consultant and want to offer a full suite of solutions to your customers you can become a franchise of The Utility Company.
Everdream and Centerbeam provide similar services.