What’s Replacing Microsoft Front Page?

Microsoft Frontpage has been used by millions(?) of small business to build their web sites. I use it for Smallbiztechnology.com and publish content with Blogger.com. However, Microsoft is releasing a new tool (now in beta) to replace Frontpage.
This new software, Microsoft Expression Web has more features than Frontpage and appears to be more suited to building web sites that are more compatible with all browsers and not just Frontpage.
Professional web developers might like Express better than Frontpage as I know most every developer hates using Frontpage due to the “non-compatible” HTML code it adds to web sites.
With Express Web you’ll be able to more easily create Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which make it a lot easier to control and modify a web site with few manual modifications.
The Express Web site reads Generate elegant, modern CSS page layouts using powerful design surface tools with direct manipulation of positioning, sizing, margins, and padding. Use the Style Application and Positioning toolbars for precise control over how and where CSS styles are generated, and the Style Builder for comprehensive style design and efficient style editing.
Using XML / RSS is also an added feature that Express Web will help you do easier.