Windows Vista – Continuing the Drive of 3rd Party Applications

One (of many) reasons to get Windows Vista – either on a new computer you buy or as an upgrade to an existing computer is the additional, 3rd party applications that will be developed on top of it. As with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows XP there will be application written specifically for the new operating system, to take advantage of its particular features.
Cnet writes In an open letter posted on Microsoft’s developer portal on Friday, Allchin said that Vista offered third-party developers opportunities to build applications that are “visually stunning, connected, workflow-enabled, and secure.”
You can read the full Cnet article here.
Although I don’t think you should rush to upgrade to Vista for computers that are relatively new and have Windows XP I do think that for new computers you buy, it won’t be a problem and will be even an enhancement to have them come with Vista built in.
Visit Microsoft’s Vista Site for a full list of features.