Xerox 4150 WorkCentre – As your business grows its grows with you

The copying, printing, scanning and faxing aspects of your business, satellite office or workgroup within a larger business are probably one of the most critical tasks you do. Sure you sit down in the morning to check your email, but then what do you do? You print it out. You open your paper mail and guess what – there’s a contract that you must get over to your sales consultant in another state, across the hall or around the world. So what do you do? You fax or scan it and then email it to her.
Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree the daily grind of copying, printing, scanning and faxing are important.
To do these tasks you could have separate machines for each task (scanner, printer, etc) but often times these tasks are much more efficient if they can be integrated into one device. Furthermore what about space saving? What about saving money by enabling many people to share one device’s features across the network?
The Xerox WorkCentre 4150 offers a full range of solutions, at a range of prices for various options. It’s solidly built, feature rich and its modular approach means you can add to it as your need dictates.
The basic 415 unit is only a copier, but you can expand this through a range of modules to include printing, scanning (scan to email), additional paper capacity and finishing options (such as stapling). Pricing starts at $2,200 and goes to about $4,800 for the most high end machine.
You’ll like the fact that in its base configuration the 4150 prints at 45 pages per minute and only takes 5 seconds to print out the first paper you copy.
On some multi-function machines you can only use one function at a time, but the Xerox 4150 lets you access several features simultaneously.
Although there are a LOT of seemingly complex features on the 4150, Xerox has done all they can to ensure that the control panel is easy to use.
If you are not satisfied with having many different office machines for different tasks consider saving money, time and complexity by consolidating many machines into ONE.
HP, Lexmark and Canon make similar multi-function devices as well. While it can be hard to tell the differences within each vendors MFD selection, it’s also difficult to tell clear differences between similar products of competing vendors. Your local solution provider can help (make sure the he’s not biased to one vendor for purely financial reasons and comparison tools that you’ll find on online retailer web sites, such as CDW can help as well.