20,000 repairs can’t be wrong – IBM/Lenoo Win

Computer repair service franchise Rescuecom counted over 20,000 of their support calls and combined with the market share of computer vendors ranked which computer vendors had the least problems with their computers.
The rankings (higher number the better) were:
-IBM/Lenovo (243)
-Apple (201)
-HP/Compaq (12)
-Dell (4)
-Gateway (-12)
-Others (-16)
I don’t think that based on this survey alone you should base your computer buying decision but it is an interesting analysis of how reliable computers are.
Looking at 20,000 computers does give you a pretty clear indication of which computers are reliable and which ones are not.
The Rescuecom press release reads:
Stick with the names you know – The Reliability Score for less popular vendor’s computers (in the “other “category”) was much lower than that of the top computer vendors, likely indicating lower reliability based on quality and or service.
Realize that the reliability of HP/Compaq, Dell and Gateway are solid, though potentially less so than Lenovo/IBM and Apple – While Reliability Scores for HP/Compact and Dell indicated they were generally “reliable” and calls about them to the RESCUECOM call center were less likely to have been placed than their market share would indicate,their Reliability Score’s were significantly below that of rivals Lenovo/IBM and Apple.