6 Steps to Creating a Blog

Creating a blog is pretty easy – but if you don’t know how – hey it’s hard. Using one of many blogging services such as Blogger.com (which I use), TypePad, Movable Type, Word Press or other services you can easily create a blog. Why create one?.
You can make it very easy for you or your staff to publish information. The blogs auto-archiving makes it easy to have an archive of a topic. Also – very important – search engines will often rank your blog higher than your static web site.
Spero News offers a six point guide and its first point, an important point, is The best way to get your hands on business blogging is by actually learning how other business do it in different industries.
There are a lot of things happening behind the scene which you can not see. But, looking at the ways other people use blogs, the kind of interaction they have with their audience, how they establish their relationship by providing a human face to their business, etc., are something you want to pick up first.
Those are things that distinguish a blog from other communication mediums. If you understand how a blog could help your business, you will be better at using it.