Accomplice – Could it Be The Nirvana of Organization?

Later on today I’ll be trying out a new software product from Accomplice. It’s software, Accomplice, Your Partner in Time, helps organize the many pieces of digital information you have that you use to organize your day.

It lets busy professionals pull together scattered to-do¬?s and related information, prioritize and break them into actionable steps, coordinate them with their teams, and focus on doing what¬?s important ¬? instead of what¬?s at the top of the inbox.
Most of you have pieces of critical information that you need day to day in email, in to do lists, in spreadsheets and possibly other programs. Accomplice can tie all of this together into one “project management” tool. It has a task bar that stays with you no matter what program you are in, allowing drag and drop from application to Accomplice.
What’s even REAL cool is that unlike web-only applications, Accomplice works on- or off-line, and syncs with Windows Mobile, Palm or Blackberry devices ¬? all without IT support.
“For the hundreds of millions of busy professionals still relying on paper lists and email threads to manage projects and share information, Accomplice provides an edge, a smarter way to stay on top and achieve your goals,” said CEO, Jason Feinsmith. “We want to make sure everyone can benefit from the power of Accomplice, so we¬?re giving it away for free ¬? and we¬?re happy to see our customers sharing it with their colleagues too.”
You can install Accomplice directly on Windows PCs and on U3 Smart USB flash drives.
The fully-featured Accomplice is available for free at, and includes sponsored text links that are automatically optimized to help you get your to-do’s done. A paid version in which the sponsored links can be turned on or off is available for an early-bird discount price of $29.95/year.