AP Confirms: Small Businesses Get the ‘Net

I’m encouraged to see that the AP validates that the web is an essential tool for smaller businesses. It’s used for networking (finding business contacts and things), getting information (Work.com’s new site is real nice) and so much more.
Those businesses that leverage the Internet for information or as a useful took will be able to do more in less time than other businesses.
The Associated Prss writes A reporter’s very informal survey of several small business owners found that some of the most useful sites include those that help them network with other entrepreneurs. They also favor sites that help their companies communicate, either internally or with other businesses, or that help get tasks like teleconferencing done, sometimes at low or no cost.
This does beg the question, what’s the best way to find sites that will do such tasks and help you run your business? You could search through Yahoo or Google, but, Rockmore said, “word of mouth seems to work the best.” In other words, find the right Web site for you in much the same way that you choose an accountant or human resources consultant — by asking other small business owners.