Avanquest’s Bookkeeper 2007 – Low Cost and Feature Rich

Avanquest has released Bookkeeper 2007. At a cost of $30, Bookkeeper is quite economical but rich in features. Important information is available though a searchable, single-screen interface allowing fast navigation. There’s also a task manager tool which provides alerts for any pending and recurring transactions, and can be programmed to display daily “to-do” reminders.
With over 115 analytical report templates, users can track accounts payables, receivables, payroll expenses, quarterly and annual earnings, sales figures and more.
Bookkeeper 2007 also includes a number of tools designed to increase productivity and cut operating costs. Providing incentive to keep payroll processing in house, Bookkeeper 2007 enables employers to cut paychecks on- time for salaried, hourly and contracted employees with a simple click. The software extracts all applicable employee information and compiles it onto a customizable, printable paycheck ultimately saving the business owner time and money. By purchasing an additional tax-table add-on, Bookkeeper can even calculate Federal, Social Security, Medicare and state deductions for each pay period.
Bookkeeper 2007 is part of the popular MySoftware small business productivity line from Avanquest USA.
Bookkeeper competes directly with Intuit’s Quickbooks (especially Simplestart), Microsoft’s Office Accounting, Cougar Mountain Software and other small business accounting solutions.
The accounting program you use will pay a key role in the overall success of your business. If you can test out various programs before committing fully to them that is best, if you are not familiar with which accounting program is best for you.
It’s important to ask these questions:
– Can this program grow with my business
– Can it integrate with other programs I use
– Is it easy to use
– Does it have the features I need for my business and industry
– Is the product going to be supported by the software vendor for the longer term (you don’t want accounting software from a startup company)
– What does my accountant use (having something he or she uses is probably best)