Baynote Go! FREE Web Search With No Ads

Building a web site is only one step in the overall web building experience. If you have a lot of content on your web site it is important that you have a way for your visitors to find the content on your web site.
A search engine is what you’ll need.
Baynote is launching a free search engine, BaynoteGo!. Go! is perfect for those companies who want good basic search for free and want it hosted. Companies with limited or no technical resources and are looking to improve their customer-facing marketing and support sites are candidates for Go!
Baynote Go is available immediately and includes the following capabilities:
-Business Ready: a robust solution that can be configured in minutes.
-Precise search: powered by Apache Nutch, Go includes sophisticated link-analysis and deep indexing of your website for state-of-the-art relevancy
-Point & click setup: self-service setup that requires zero IT resources
-Flexible presentation: easily customize the appearance of the results page directly through the browser, and include custom or third party controls directly into the page
-No cost: Baynote Go is 100% free
Google’s free search engine comes to mind when thinking of Go! The difference is that Google has advertising, Go! does not. Go! compliments Google’s search appliance and is ideal for companies that don’t have an IT department or person who can configure Google’s search appliance.