BlueTie: Offering FREE (no ads) & Powerful Email Management

From $3 (just email) to $10 (collaboration) per month BlueTie offers one of the best solutions – hosted or not – for managing your email. Their solution also includes collaboration, document management and other features as well.
BlueTie’s hosted solution is fast, feature rich, easy to use and has awesome usability features (drag and drop and intelligence often not found in other hosted or non-hosted applications).
Today BlueTie announces that they are offering all of this for free – but it’s much different than other free offerings.
Read previous BlueTie coverage here. Listen to my interview hear.
When David Koretz, BlueTie’s CEO told me about his free solution – I cringed – thinking that he was looking at a model of old that didn’t work (remember – now WebExOne).
However, David showed me how his advertising model is actually not advertising it’s more of a way to help you do what you want to do better. Really.
BlueTie will not have any banner or text advertising but has “Featuretisements”. This is a truly amazing system wherein a) you never have to leave BlueTie to complete a transaction b) as you go about doing what you normally do (making airline reservations, renting a car, buying flowers, etc) BlueTie discretely asks you if you would like to use one of its partners to complete the transaction.
David explained that the onus shifts to the advertiser to make the featuretisement relevant and useful. He’s not worried that the free version will cannibalize the paid version as he projects that either option is financially sustainable.
David told me difference between those companies who have had successful ( for example) hosted applications and those who have not. The successful companies have built their hosted applications from the ground up. The other companies simply tried to turn their PC based software into a hosted solution – it doesn’t work as well.
Look for BlueTie to keep growing, offering more services, and working with more partners to join its featuretisements. Also, look for BlueTie to possibly license its intelligent software to other companies.