Book Review: Information Technology Roadmap for Professional Service Firms

Professional Service firms are very similar to other businesses in that they have common needs. But as professional service firms, their needs are different than manufacturing companies, architecture companies or law firms, for example.
Information Technology Roadmap for Professional Service Firms is designed to introduce your clients to the world of advanced information technology. In addition to providing your clients with a practical roadmap for evolving their IT infrastructure, it will provide your sales representatives and consultants with a practical roadmap for unlocking the business case for your solutions and services.
This book is the first in a series of easy-to-read books designed to show readers how to leverage technology as a tool to help the business and, more importantly, why they should invest in information technology. Each book will focus on a different market vertical.
This first book examines the value of information technology for professional services firms. The reader is guided through a five step approach that shows how IT can be used to increase the speed, improve the quality and reduce the expenses for these firms. The five step approach converts a collection of management concepts such as Business Process Engineering, Value Stream Mapping, Key Performance Indicators, Scorecards, Program Management, and Project Management into a seamless, integrated management framework focused on improving business performance.
This same approach can also be used by solution providers eager to define the financial value of their solutions and establish a strategic relationship with their customers. The book includes high-level profiles of solutions developed by Microsoft and its partners. Simple, colorful, and practical√?…Information Technology Roadmap for Professional Service Firms is a high density management handbook for professionals interested in making the most out of their IT investments.