Book Review: Small Business Book of Lists

Gene Marks does it again. His previous book, Outfoxing the Small Business Owner, was all about helping businesses (small or large) better understand how to sell to smaller businesses.
In this book, Small Business Book of Lists, Gene Marks helps small business owners reduce costs, increase revenues and boost profits by providing over 600 pages of lists on all sorts of small business focused topics.
Chapter 6 is all about technology and includes sections on the Internet, gadgets, computers and security, and more.
Gene Marks owns and operates The Marks Group, a consultancy firm that sells and services popular software applications to small and medium sized businesses. Prior to starting The Marks Group, Gene spent nine years in the entrepreneurial services arm of the international consulting firm KPMG. He’s taught financial and other small business related topics at Penn State University since 1992 and has spoken nationally at numerous Microsoft Technology Business Conferences on small business matters.
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