Can’t Remember Your Password? Write It Down At Your Own Risk

Unless you never have to log onto a computer or enter a user name / password in a web site then I guess you’ve never had to remember a password recently. You might have needed one for your locker at school though. And if you use an ATM card you need a password for that as well.
However, for so many of us you have multiple passwords for multiple web sites and network resources. DO NOT write it down. If you write it down, not only can you read it but so can others who should not have your password.
CNN writesA study released Tuesday by global research firms Nucleus Research and KnowledgeStorm found companies’ attempts to tighten information technology (IT) security by regularly changing passwords and making them more complex by adding numbers as well as letters had no impact on security.
Staff still had a tendency to jot down passwords for systems designed by such firms as McAfee (Charts) and CA, Inc (Charts)., on a piece of paper or in a text file on a PC or mobile device.
“This is really a lot like mom and dad buying a great new security system for the house and junior leaving the combination under the door mat,” David O’Connell, senior analyst at Nucleus Research, told Reuters.

The Solution: Try to have as few passwords as possible and maybe have a system of 3 – 4 passwords used for varying levels of security. One for banking, one for your job, one for gaming sites – something like that.