Casio’s New – THIN Projector. Add Longer Life to Your Aching Shoulder.

If you make presentations for a living and need to travel on air planes or trains and carry a data projector with you, the smaller the data projector the better it will be. Your shoulders will thank you at the end of the day (so will your feet and body overall)
Your 6 point notebook and 8lb projector can easily make you carry 20lbs or more when you include your two newspapers, files, book, PDA, phone and other things.
Casio feels your pain and has launched a 4lb (3.97 to be precise) data projector that can run your presentation from a USB key. You can leave the notebook in the office.
Casio’s super slim projector, the SJ-30/35 delivers 2000 ANSI lumen so you no longer have to rent a projector, fret if one is available or not – or bring your own. This projector is small enough to take with you on the road.
If you want to bring your computer along, another nice feature is that you can wirelessly connect to it. In fact – up to four computers can at the same time. and other web sites have some nice resources you can first look into when deciding how to buy a data projector and what things to consider.