eBay’s New Search Tool. Help or Hurt Smaller Sellers

eBay like Google has grown into a mammoth marketplace of products. Of course Google is a marketplace of information while eBay directly sells products.
The similarities continue in that Google’s constant goal is to ensure that people fine the most relevant information they need as quickly as possible.
eBay has the same goal to ensure that as it grows, that people are able to still find the products they want to purchase.
The problem is that eBay has a new search tool and Forbes.com feels this new system might hurt smaller retailers. It writesBut there’s a little hidden assumption: The most “relevant” items will be the ones that have previously been the most popular. So a customer types in “Barbie dolls” in the search field. What is likely to show up at the top of the page? My guess is–and it’s just a guess, mind you–items from sellers who have sold the highest volume of Barbie dolls to date. If you’re a newer entrant into that market or have a smaller volume online retail business, you will probably see your listing fall well below that.
If Forbes.com is right, this means that smaller retailers might not be included in eBay’s new Best Match tool and lose sales.
Read the full Forbes article and if you have an eBay business consider your options to ensure it remains viable.