Eudora – It’s FREE and With Mozilla

Eudora is one of those “under the radar” applications that hundreds of thousands (my guess) people use. In 2003, Eudora represented less than 5% of the email market.
Eudora, which I have used for years had two versions: Advertising support and paid (with no ads).
Today Eudora is announcing that they will cease production of the commercial version of the product and, in conjunction with the Mozilla Foundation make all future versions of Eudora open source and free and based on the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird email program, reports IT Wire.
I’m sure most of you use Microsoft Outlook. I use it for managing my contacts, to do list, notepad and calendar in conjunction with my Microsoft Pocket PC Dell Axim PDA. I’ve used Mozilla Thunderbird for some time now.
If you want the advanced collaboration features and integration that Microsoft Outlook offers with Microsoft Office you should probably go with Outlook.
However, if you want a powerful email solution then other email programs such as Thunderbird is an option. You could also consider hosted email offerings such as BlueTie, Gmail, HyperOffice,, MI8 and only use a web browser. MANY non-Outlook solutions do offer features such as shared calendaring and other collaboration features.
Kerio offers a very nice web based email platform. You host it on your own server, but it’s easy to install and use.