FireFox Wins Over IE | Outlook Beats Thunderbird

Well I’ve been trying two web browsers – Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer version 7 and FireFox 2.0 from Mozilla. Both are find products overall, I’m a bit biased to Thunderbird as I’m used to the interface.
However, one thing that I LOVE about FireFox that makes it BEAT IE is that when Thunderbird crashes it restores me to the web sites I was visiting. IE does not do that.
Since both programs crash – now and then – it’s vital that I not lose the web sites I have open. What I used to do was try to work on only one web site (reading and blogging) at a time, but now I can use FireFox and know that if it crashes, I can get back to the web sites I have open.
I’m beginning to warm up to Outlook over Thunderbird. Although Outlook is MUCH more complex than Thunderbird and thus takes more time to get used to and learn many features, it offers me (and you) more than Thunderbird as far as integration with email, tasks, notes, contacts, Microsoft Office and hundreds (thousands?) of other applications.