Geek Squad – Faster Laptop Repair

When your laptop breaks, unless you have some super-duper warranty, don’t expect to get it back for a few weeks (give or take).
Geek Squad’s out to change all of that and make sure that if your laptop goes down, you can get it back in a few days – at most.
One thing you must always ensure you do is…ba…ba…come on you can say it – back up your data.
USA Today writes “The biggest customer disappointment is the time it takes to fix a laptop,” Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens said. “So this is really an attempt to address an industrywide problem.”
Stephens said Geek Squad City’s goal is to get same-day repair for laptops, with one day for shipping and one day for receiving ¬? slashing the three- to four-week time frame that it can now take to get one fixed.
“We hope to have computers literally turn around in as little as three days from the time that you drop it off,” he said.
The center comes as Best Buy and rival Circuit City try to boost profits by selling technology services to consumers overwhelmed by today’s increasingly complicated and intertwined gadgets, such as computers, televisions, MP3 music players and digital cameras.