Going Mobile? So Many Choices for the mobile professional.

The mobile business warrior of today is more productive, by far, than the mobile warrior of 10, 20, 30 years ago. This might be obvious, but when you think of how far technology has evolved it’s often amazing.
We have USB keys which can hold pages and pages of text, audio files and presentations. Our MP3 players can store thousands of songs and business audio.
Computers are so prevalent we might be able to not take our own and rely on computer kiosks to check our email and access our office server remotely.
Entrepreneur.com writes about the advances of mobile technology – Do you rent cars frequently? You could opt for something like the MV900 wireless portable speakerphone from Mvox, which works with mobile phones like the Treo 650 and the Treo 700w and includes a notebook adapter so you can use it with voice services such as Skype or Google Talk. The unit is controlled with voice commands and includes patented echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. At roughly $130 (street), the device measures 3.4 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.8 inches and weighs about 2.5 ounces. The manufacturer claims a talk time of four hours with 200 hours of standby.
Once you’ve got your hands freed up, you can make more out of your drive time with a service like Electronic Virtual Assistant from Virtual Management. EVA, which costs $69 per month, lets you call a toll-free number and dictate action items, schedule changes and meeting notes. The recorded information is converted, and the data can later be accessed through an internet browser.