Google Docs. The Evolution Continues. More Efficiency for YOUR Business

Google has launched, Google Docs, which is a blend of its online tool for creating documents and spreadsheets.
There’s many companies, such as HyperOffice, WebEx, eUnify, LiveOffice, ThinkFree, Zoho and others that offer document collaboration. But what Google is offering is free and…from Google.
Reuters writes “The over-riding reason why people would use these is if they want to share information,” said Jen Mazzon of the Google Writely team.
Google Docs has a nice clean interface and is very easy to use. You can type your initial document, save it to a variety of file formats, share it with others to view only (publish it quickly to the web and Google gives you a unique URL to share with others) or to edit.
Some nice things:
– If you want to save a document as PDF – you can do it as well.
– Similar to a wiki you can easily use Google Docs to see revisions of documents.
– You can easily edit the HTML of your document and use the code for a web page
Check out Cnet’s coverage here.
How does this affect your business? In a HUGE way!
These tools, Wikis, online collaboration, blogging, RSS feeds and podcasting add tremendous efficiency to your organization. If you can do more, in less time with less money than your competition you will go from Good to Great as Jim Collins says.
About Microsoft Office – you still need it – but man it’s getting less and less relevant in many scenarios.